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Chapter 944 – Sea Return squeeze drum
Zhou Wen’s smartphone suddenly rang. He looked at the amount and noticed that this was from Hui Haifeng.
Zhou Wen forced a smile and said, “You help it become could be seen as I’m strolling with a direction of no go back. We have my very own path. If my fortune isn’t too bad, I probably won’t opt for that course. Never fear.”
Zhou Wen remembered that Feng Qiuyan got their start in Water Go back. Additionally, the Feng family members was rather well known there.
Hui Haifeng declined noiseless for just a moment before stating, “He appears to have Teacher’s shadow on him.”
Let Me Game in Peace
Chapter 944: Water Return
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“Yes, two walkways,” Zhou Wen clarified.
She obtained already found Primordial Sword Immortal’s might the prior time. It was subsequently an living much more alarming than Orochi. Ever since another person possessed inserted the ratings with Primordial Sword Immortal, he or she was probably comparable to her—someone who had contracted a Guardian.
Feng Qiuyan have Zhou Wen to hold back. He wished to try to get depart from education before accompanying Zhou Wen directly back to the water.
“In the dimensional zones, we found a great number of odd components. Such as, frequent materials like Substance Gold and Substance Crystals. There are also some that aren’t prevalent. I wish to try to check if I could ascertain something can battle dimensional beings. Humans have tried their knowledge to start to be the experts of The planet for centuries. Perhaps this time around, we could still depend upon our intelligence to succeed,” Hui Haifeng said.
“In the dimensional zones, we discovered quite a lot of odd products. As an example, widespread components like Fact Golden and Basis Crystals. There are also some that aren’t common. I want to make an effort to see whether I can determine an issue that can combat dimensional creatures. Human beings have tried their intellect in becoming the masters of Planet for hundreds of years. Potentially now, we can still depend upon our intellect to earn,” Hui Haifeng explained.
The 2 ones tacitly ended the prior topic and agreed to fulfill at Water Profit.
Section 944: Seas Profit
“Coach, it is not so relaxing over at Sea Come back. There are often break-out beings coming ash.o.r.e. Some people have migrated inland. Why would you like to Ocean Profit?” Feng Qiuyan inquired in shock.
“I never treatment if there’s a completely new society. I want to keep the previous.” Hui Haifeng paused before declaring to Zhou Wen, “Wen, do not have that course.”
“Yes, two trails,” Zhou Wen solved.
There were a lot of burst-out critters that came up out from the sea. Also, these people were tough to deal with. Seas Come back got three relatively significant families bringing the direct. Together with well over ten smaller family members, they developed the factors of Water Go back Area that was dealing with the crack-out creatures pretty much everything time.
Hui Haifeng declined silent for a second before indicating, “He seems to have Teacher’s shadow on him.”
Let Me Game in Peace
“What do you are interested in?” Zhou Wen questioned. He didn’t realize where Zhong Ziya was, nor could he think of any methods.
Zhou Wen’s cell phone suddenly rang. He checked out the telephone number and spotted that it was from Hui Haifeng.
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“Coach, it is not so serene over at Ocean Returning. There are actually often split-out animals coming ash.o.r.e. Lots of people have transferred inland. Why will you Water Come back?” Feng Qiuyan expected in shock.
“I consider the first one,” Hui Haifeng stated.
There were clearly numerous break up-out pets that arrived away from the sea. Moreover, they had been tough to contend with. Sea Return possessed three relatively big young families getting the head. Together with each other with more than ten small people, they developed the forces of Seas Come back City that was battling the split-out critters all this time.
“Yes,” Zhou Wen answered.
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The problem was worse than Zhou Wen had envisioned. Besides the metropolitan areas guarded by humans, the majority of the areas experienced bust-out pests. It was extremely difficult to distinguish between dimensional areas and non-dimensional zones.
Zhou Wen asked yourself if he should notify Feng Qiuyan and discover if he wanted to go back with him. Like that, he will have a information.
Hui Haifeng fell calm for a moment before declaring, “He appears to have Teacher’s shadow on him.”
Let Me Game in Peace
“Then wander the way. Probably there’s a new entire world into the future,” Zhou Wen stated.
The 2 of these tacitly discontinued the previous matter and decided to satisfy at Ocean Return.
Hui Haifeng declined silent for a moment before declaring, “He offers Teacher’s shadow on him.”
After the get in touch with attached, Hui Haifeng’s solemn voice sounded. “Zhou Wen, are you presently examining the cube’s task?”
She got already observed Primordial Sword Immortal’s might the prior time. It was actually an existence more frightening than Orochi. Now that someone acquired came into the ranks with Primordial Sword Immortal, this individual was possibly the same as her—someone who experienced contracted a Guardian.
Zhou Wen wondered if he should notify Feng Qiuyan and see if he want to return with him. Doing this, he will have a manual.
“Perhaps we have been looking through excessive with it. Potentially that isn’t Zhong Ziya whatsoever,” Zhou Wen explained.
“Then move the way. Potentially there’s a different community into the future,” Zhou Wen stated.
“Yes,” Zhou Wen responded to.
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There were lots of split-out creatures that originated out of the ocean. Furthermore, these people were hard to contend with. Ocean Give back got three relatively substantial families bringing the guide. Collectively with more than ten small young families, they produced the makes of Sea Come back City that was fighting the bust-out critters all of this time.
While Uesugi Nao decided to recognize the task, she didn’t dare let her safeguard lower.